Early College 项目

Current high school students who would like to get a jump on their post-secondary education 和 start earning college credits can choose from multiple programs at the College. With the average student debt around $30,000, ladbrokes立博官网 has solutions for students to manage their college debt, 节省时间, 和 better prepare for the expectations of college-level course work.

ladbrokes立博官网 has five great programs for high school students: 双录取, 早期的招生高飞, 技术学院,和 教师学院. Each of these programs vary in their requirements, location 和 programs of study.


双录取 和 早期的招生 both lead to a college grade on a college transcript 和 help students fulfill their high school graduation requirements. 双录取 students pay tuition costs, while 早期的招生 students pay tuition 和 fees. Early Admission courses include ladbrokes立博官网's online 和 campus-based courses. 双录取 和 早期的招生 allow students to earn college credit while still in high school, though there are distinct differences between the two programs.

高飞, 另一方面, is college credit for programs of study completed at one of the Career Technology Centers. 高飞 credits are earned by submitting transcripts to ladbrokes立博官网 for evaluation. However, 高飞 credits are free except for a small posting fee. 一些学生, with the right planning with advisors 和 high school guidance counselors, can earn a semester or more of credits before graduating from high school. Course pre-requisites don’t apply to 高飞 credits being brought in by articulation. Read on for more information about these programs.

技术学院教师学院 each provide college-bound students with opportunities to develop advanced technical skills 和 earn college credit toward an associate degree at Reading Area Community College (ladbrokes立博官网) while in high school.  的一个cademy is highly selective, with strict criteria for admission to 和 progress in one of its programs of study. 这些学校, taught at the Reading Muhlenberg 和 Berks Career 和 Technology Centers offer students college credit in the following career-college pathways:  业务, IT-Networking, it编程, it应用程序, Early Childhood Education, 机电一体化, 及网页开发.